Developing A Digital Marketing Plan 

It is important to recognise that planning for digital marketing does not mean starting from scratch. Any online communication must be consistent and work with the overall marketing goals and current marketing efforts of your business.


How To Build An Online Relationship That Will Up Sales 

A website provides an ongoing point of contact with customers and can be a useful way of collecting information for digital marketing purposes and for building successful relationships with them.

In Love With Being In Love


I want to scream, cry, yell, or punch a wall….. Why you ask? Teenage boys who break teenage girls’ hearts. This will be a three part rant beginning with my daughter’s (Yes, where I come from, I have these young girls who come to me for advice, they call me dad and the reverse is true) most recent ex boyfriend. Before I begin let me explain that I think a lesson must be learned and a positive should be taken from each relationship, so although I am feeling quite negative towards “prom saver”, I will try to present the reader, other parents or teenage girls, with what was learned and gained.

“Prom saver” was a boy she met four years ago at a church event in a distant town. He had kept in touch via texting for the whole four years and seemed like a nice kid. She had…

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