In Love With Being In Love


I want to scream, cry, yell, or punch a wall….. Why you ask? Teenage boys who break teenage girls’ hearts. This will be a three part rant beginning with my daughter’s (Yes, where I come from, I have these young girls who come to me for advice, they call me dad and the reverse is true) most recent ex boyfriend. Before I begin let me explain that I think a lesson must be learned and a positive should be taken from each relationship, so although I am feeling quite negative towards “prom saver”, I will try to present the reader, other parents or teenage girls, with what was learned and gained.

“Prom saver” was a boy she met four years ago at a church event in a distant town. He had kept in touch via texting for the whole four years and seemed like a nice kid. She had…

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Me + Coffee; We Found Love



I have have discovered many addictions in the past but never like this my new attachment to coffee, many turned out to be excitements that get cured by time 😊

I learnt drinking coffee just a few months ago from one of the few Bugishu coffee advocates I know Mr. Saleh  Naminya, I learnt from the best and 2 months down the road, instead of looking for a bar like many of my travel companions do, I’m in quest for a nearby coffee bar, I feel the thirst for coffee every other minute that passes by and it’s growing by the day. Coffee people, should I be worried?

In my latest travel to Kampala, the city of the good looking (seriously, every girl that I saw at least had a taste of fashion) now don’t quote me, no one should reference my Mbale here, we’re catching up and soon we’ll…

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