Me + Coffee; We Found Love

I have have discovered many addictions in the past but never like this my new attachment to coffee, many turned out to be excitements that get cured by time 😊

I learnt drinking coffee just a few months ago from one of the few Bugishu coffee advocates I know Mr. Saleh  Naminya, I learnt from the best and 2 months down the road, instead of looking for a bar like many of my travel companions do, I’m in quest for a nearby coffee bar, I feel the thirst for coffee every other minute that passes by and it’s growing by the day. Coffee people, should I be worried?

In my latest travel to Kampala, the city of the good looking (seriously, every girl that I saw at least had a taste of fashion) now don’t quote me, no one should reference my Mbale here, we’re catching up and soon we’ll live the life. Back to coffee, I rode on safe bodabodas around town in quest for a good budget coffee place (Yes, I didn’t bother with Cafe Javas but I looked around, many restaurants disappointed me as expected, in fact at one, I was served black coffee instead of my order Espresso and the chef was shamelessly convincing me that it’s the coffee that couldn’t provide what I wanted (it’s not good coffee he said) he even offered to show me the beans. But really my people, how’d I believe a barista who couldn’t differentiate between black coffee and Espresso?

Fast forward, on my 7th or 9th trial God showed me Hot Bite at Ham Towers, oh, my my.. The barista was good, the Espresso was on point, I couldn’t hesitate to meet the this person and guess what? It’s a she and this she happens to be a Mugishu from Mbale. Jocyline will tell you I struggled to fine my Lugishu so as to sustain a conversation with the Barrista as she refilled my cup.

The coffee and Jocyline completed my evening in Kampala.


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