Dear Conrad; Letter To Self

How have you been, hopefully all is well.

I’m writing this because honestly i’m disappointed, you’re tending off your resolution path, Conrad, what’s wrong? What happened to the big dream setter you were a few weeks ago in 2016? Do you even still remember why you rolled out in the first place? You hold currently a brand at hand, something you really wanted, now that you have it, are you going to easily let it slip away? Isn’t your vision worthy a cling? You sleep till it’s too hot for you to stay in bed, what happened to the early bird you were? Are you really settling for what you have now? or do you not believe in greater things?

Dear Conrad, you’re the CEO of your dreams and visions and thus responsible for every last field in them no matter who you’ve put in charge, remember to invest and always save, cut on the un-profitting number of friends in your life, you’ll reunite after you’ve made it to the top, learn something new every day that is of benefit to your companies’ growth. Always remember to pray for thyself, family and the companies and also give a hand to as many as you can BECAUSE you reap what NOT where you sow.

A point to remember Conrad, I know you have feelings but learn to tame them, remember God created animals then Eve, not every girl you see is an Eve, some are just animals, learn to see them as that, be keen, keep your cool, when the Eve comes your way you’ll know, i don’t really know how but you’ll (I borrowed this from your Friend Denis)

I remain yourself| Conrad as of 15th-Feb-2016


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