I Still Can’t Find A Mentor

Anyone tip me off on how to find the perfect mentor.


ā€œā€‹First and foremost, you should ask yourself if you admire this person for her or his achievements and industry experience. Your mentor should ideally be someone who shares your professional outlook and perhaps has even accomplished the goals you hope to achieveā€ – Google Search.

Following this little heads up, I decided to draft a checklist of the possible qualifying candidates, the list was endless. Then it started cutting drastically, some very far, others inapproachable, others proud, some, just haven’t liked and others are over hyped, now my list is almost empty, to be straight my list’s now empty and I haven’t gotten a mentor yet. I’m thinking I should draft another and start tgr quest allover.

Can anyone tip me off on what to consider when choosing a mentor?

I’ll narrate how the next search goes.


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