OPINION: Uganda, Climate Change Needs More Than Cheap Talk

Global warming has far-reaching consequences on social and economic development and the entire global ecosystems. Indeed global warming threatens to undo many years of development efforts and frustrate poverty eradication programmes in developing countries.


In 2010 a National Policy for Disaster Preparedness and Management was made. This policy notes that the effects of disasters such as droughts, epidemics and earthquakes have increased over time.

“Just a few minutes ago it was shining bright and now it’s raining” This is the talk of my town now. It feels like we’ve lost communication with the weather man, our forecasts are telling lies, the farmlands are dryer than ever, the pockets even worse. What have we done to our country? what happened to the times when we expected rains and they actually poured? The January sun has been the worst ever, it might have not claimed a life but in a medical view of things, we all got exposed to the direct UV rays, and we shall dearly pay for our tampers on nature someday.

In my opinion we need to do something, we need to not just talk but actually get working on this situation. My heart bleeds for our children and grandchildren, what shall we be living them with? Scorching sun? Famine? Abnormal temperatures? I guess not! But what can we do now? I might not be the expert to sound the warning bell but the wise ones shall follow the advice, the wise shall plant a tree, not just a tree but trees, the wise shall save the wetlands, the wise shall save the future. The wise we’ll do all it takes to save the future generation.

My bible tells me, we were given the power to continue with creation, unfortunately, we’ve forgotten our sole purpose, we’re now more into destruction and that’s not a good indicator.

Science on the other hand talks about ‘Sustainability of an ecological niche’. We’re living in a niche where the prey is lessening by the day and the predator populations are increasingly growing. What will happen when there’s no food for us? Eat ourselves to survive right? This is when theories like ‘survival of the fittest’ kick in, the weak will no longer survive. We don’t want that do we (you)?

Let me offer my armature recommendations after this submission, Community Tree Growing Projects, Land Degradation Management Projects, Strengthening Meteorological Services, Community Water and Sanitation Projects, Water for Production Projects, Drought Adaptation Projects, Vectors, Pests and Disease Control Projects, Indigenous Knowledge and Natural Resources Management, Climate Change and Development Planning Projects, Equipping and having the right people in these policy implementation organisations like NEMA




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