‘To My Unborn Child’ – Conrad Jnr.

Hi Junior, 
I dreamt you’ll be born on a Monday

Go to school on a Tuesday

Graduate on a Wednesday

Start working on a Thursday

Marry on a Friday

Have your first child on a Saturday

But always go to Church every Sunday!
It’s daddy here, I anticipate the day you will be born to this earth, I anticipate you in my arms, telling you jokes you won’t even understand, I anticipate your smile, I anticipate us speaking baby language, I anticipate all that and so much more.
I wonder how your mother will look like (one thing is for sure she will be beautiful with long, curly, falling hair). My son, as of now, daddy is still in school trying to read and pass (you won’t go to school if the system is still about only excelling in exams not life) so you’re not coming to earth anytime soon, I wish only paradise for you, so you will come after I’ve made the money, built a castle with maids in every corner of it, when I can avail you with all you need the moment you need it. I want to be their when you piss to change your diapers not to be at work and leave you with a maid, I want us to travel to our village every weekend driving ourselves and not using public transport, I want us to have meals together praying for them in turns, I also want us to open up a charity organization so we together father disadvantaged kids!
But if you decide to come sooner than that, well and good, if God wishes so, who I’m I to say NO? And if you’re sister comes earlier than you, be glad you will have dowry for yourself but please don’t sell her, guard her as though she was a princess and you were a royal guard because she will be a princess.
Yours, Daddy.


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