Charity Begins At Home

You all undoubtedly have read, heard or seen this phrase “Charity Begins At Home” somewhere except for my squad today (These guys travelled a distance to attend the Imbalu Inaugural Ceremony at Mudodo). These guys found it appropriate to smoke In a yard that belongs to an asthmatic subscriber, Susu in the guys backyard even when the toilets were in great working condition (I know because I used the toilets), sit at the road side and comment on every skirt that crossed their sight, to mention but a few. This then left me wondering what kind of upbringing these lads had, how did there homes look like? How did there parents look like? (where I come from, even a stranger would beat the devil out of you for such behaviour)

Meanwhile, I was supposed to be in the middle of that procession chasing around kadodi after kadodi according to my plans yesterday but seems I’m not crazy enough to fit, I’m not finding any fun in whatsoever activity is going on here except for the muchomo which a friend claims is dog meat (but that’s not my business), security is too tight and yet theft is at its peak, there are no morals here, this’ not a place for a child of God, the whole environment is just smelling punched sweat, the boy’s activity is so high, the girls bambums are even wider and sweaty now, the criminal’s libido is hiping, the devil has been unchained here, The bamasaba are celebrating, celebrating with chaos. 

My transport 😢, why did I even? I’m not coming back next time, the whole thing is just overrated. The artists here seem to have something running through there minds, they don’t look like they’re going to perform, there asking for there budget share, they’re not happy a guest artist is the main act but that’s non of my business. Don’t show this to my mother she warned me strongly against the venue so I may get kicked, beaten and mingled like posho. 

These people either don’t have Charity At Home or rather this place’s Cursed. 


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