Wasted Money’s 

It’s Friday, I’ve been toiling week through, I’ve earned a coin, now I deserve to spend it, I need to spend it sparingly but to my advantage, I call on my usual partner, my loitering counterpart, my “Can I has a hug”, my my Jocyline, my OH*

We heard about a new spot in town so we want to check it out, the spot’s name only ‘Chicken Papa’ makes you want to check it out. It’s not FOMO, this’ like the first of its kind in this land, we definitely have to check it out. 
We’re finally here, the waitress is also here, you’d think we made a prior call that we’re on our way. We settle for Pizza, we pay our money, 5, 10, 40, 60 minutes later, we’re still waiting for our pizza, she’s run out of patience, “Hey waitress, then question after question” The waitress apologises.

The Pizza is finally here, she’s all smiles, she can’t wait to take the first bite, seconds later the smile is flactuating, the complaints are building up, stomach bloats and hurts, she’s not happy. Our hard earned penny 😕 it’s gone for nothing, Wasted Money’s just.

Turns out the whole thing is a well packaged lie but it’s all up to them, we shared with them our feedback. Until next week again, I told you it’s the only spot here. Sorry my my Jocyline we were guinea pigs today.


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