‘To My Unborn Child’ – Conrad Jnr.

Hi Junior,  I dreamt you'll be born on a Monday Go to school on a Tuesday Graduate on a Wednesday Start working on a Thursday Marry on a Friday Have your first child on a Saturday But always go to Church every Sunday! It's daddy here, I anticipate the day you will be born to [...]


In Love With Being In Love

​ I want to scream, cry, yell, or punch a wall….. Why you ask?  Teenage boys who break teenage girls’ hearts.  This will be a three part rant beginning with my daughter’s (Yes, where I come from, I have these young girls who come to me for advice, they call me dad and the reverse [...]

Charity Begins At Home

You all undoubtedly have read, heard or seen this phrase "Charity Begins At Home" somewhere except for my squad today (These guys travelled a distance to attend the Imbalu Inaugural Ceremony at Mudodo). These guys found it appropriate to smoke In a yard that belongs to an asthmatic subscriber, Susu in the guys backyard even [...]