IUIU students to hold their second mass communication exhibition

Mind the message and not the putting of words blablabla, informative piece there Sera.


written by Loreen Seera

Islamic University in Uganda-main campus is to hold the second exhibition for mass communication students of the University on the mass communication day at the University premises.
According to one of the orgaisers, Juma Kasadha, also a lecturer of journalism, said the exhibition is aimed at establishing a mutual relationship between the University and the community in terms of day
today status.
“The works that will be exhibited will aim at portraying society’s need. We have dedicated this second exhibition to demonstrate the problems of the community through works of journalism.” He said.
Kasadha however called upon other Universities to initiate the same exercise. He says this will encourage and promote practical and skilled practice of journalism.
The first exhibition was held 23rd April 2015 with the theme of celebrating contemporary photography and improving on the skills of students in journalism works.

DSC_1535 works of students exhibited…

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