Where Is Our Self Esteem?

Where Is Our Self Esteem? @DavisKawalya this has happened to me before, not once, not twice but multiple times, even in class at times i have an answer but i’m scared to raise it up, that inner thing tells me to shut!


Yesterday as I was leaving Kisementi, I got into a random taxi because I was angry, I had waited for someone for over 2 hours and I couldn’t take it any longer as this person refused to even take my calls.
At the back of the taxi, there sat a man about 7ft 15′ clad in a black suit with a voice like thunder loud and clear.

As the taxi sped off towards the Capital city, the guy in the back sit asked someone to pray for the journey. “Can anyone pray for our short journey” he said amidst the silence that had married the vicinity of the taxi.

He then introduced himself as Pastor Alex and he kept on asking someone/anyone to pray for the journey to seek God’s mercy until the conductor told him to make the prayer.

Here is the thing, I attended Catholic schools mostly, I…

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