In Love With Nambuya

I’m happily re-united with my long-lost crush, this girl, rather my woman, I find happiness when we talk, I cry when she cries, I smile when she smiles, I’m deeply in love, In love with NAMBUYA. What is love? I can’t really explain it, but if any of you could feel what I feel now, it’s exactly what love is, I know because I know it is, It’s exactly what Leonardo DiCaprio felt in the movie “TITANIC” it’s what Shakespeare describes in his literature, I actually feel more alive than ever before, I’m glowing even in the mirror, I know this is LOVE, I can feel it. For once I’m smiling with just a thought of someone beautiful, what could that be If not LOVE?
I don’t really care about the looks, the dressing, the background, what she’s done to me in the past, all I care about is her, I want her here, here with me, here by my side, I want to look at her sleep, I want to be the one to kiss her goodnight, but I’m not able to as of now, not because I can’t do it, NO! it’s just that I want everyone’s blessing on this one, her parents I meant to say, I need to pay the price because she’s worthy it, I want her so badly, I want her here, here cushioned by my small chest, exchanging warmth and God willing vows, I’m no longer a fan of blanket warmth, the poor blanket has outlived her usefulness, I want her warmth, I want her here.
Her name to my ears sounds like the birds songs at dawn, my ossicles dance to the tone of her voice, my ears chill, my whole body listens to her talk, everything about her excites me, I want her, I want her here. I’m not crazy, I’m just a soul in LOVE, in love with a beautiful woman, I’m in love with a lawyer, In love with NAMBUYA.


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