Embracing The Weird Me!

I’ve always felt like I was weird. I’m goofy and dorky and awkward. I make funny faces when I’m supposed to be a composed guy in his 20’s, not yet in a serious relationship i can’t explain why but for that reason i always thought i had to be more than serious maybe then i […]

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In Love With Nambuya

I’m happily re-united with my long-lost crush, this girl, rather my woman, I find happiness when we talk, I cry when she cries, I smile when she smiles, I’m deeply in love, In love with NAMBUYA. What is love? I can’t really explain it, but if any of you could feel what I feel now, […]

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Sustaining An Arguement.

In this political period, living in a house with someone else is a bad idea even worse if you’re more than a pair. Now this morning i got into a political argument with the lady of the house WENENE CAROL, i put out my argument that Museveni’s voters are in rural places to which she […]

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