ADOLESCENCE; A Very Confusing Stage Of Life.

noun: Adolescence
The period following the onset of puberty during which a young person develops from a child into an adult.
Girls of Adolescent Age.

Adolescence is a very confusing time, it’s a wonder any of us make it out of the stage alive.
It’s during this time that its victims encounter the worst experiences of their lives, deepening voices, menstrual periods, hairs growing in places they’ve never been before, sex urge, name it… Sometimes I say if anyone made it out alive of this stage in life, everything else is just a walk over, but what matters in this age is the ADOLESCENTs HEALTH.
Parents, Guardians, Teachers should see to it that these young men and women get equipped with enough knowledge to face this stage in life, sex talk, education, life experiences, advice, name it… should be pumped into their small heads so they know what they’re facing and be ready to save themselves during these times.
Sometimes preaching abstinence alone may not be the solution, but other options off the ABC criteria would be of help, like; Being faithful to your partner and using condoms, these methods all are key players in FAMILY PLANNING, which allows you have an easy manageable family when you think you’re ready to start one and live happily ever after and handful of other benefits, cost free benefits.
Abstinence on the other hand sees to it that TEENAGE PREGNANCIES are minimized and this is the best option for school going people as it lets you have time in school, which would be an obvious drop out case if you didn’t abstain at least until after school, when I believe one is able to fend for himself/Herself. Early sex!, I relate this to inexperience and think chances to mess up are too high, HIV/AIDs, STIs, UDIs, unwanted pregnancies causing tempting abortions or even death, who knows?, which can all be skipped if abstinence is made an option.

#EndTeenagePregnancy #Twefuge


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