Growing up in the slums of Namatala, a village in Mbale, Uganda. There were very many poor families around the neighborhood with very many children, and guess what? No matter the conditions, these poor people never gave up on child birth, that before I’d get to know the first child’s name I’d notice another one coming, that’s how consistent it was that sometimes I thought it was just a hobby. Today many of these children are drunkards and parents to, I’m in my second year at the university and my single mama is proud of me.
Most of these families were under age families or at least one of the parents especially the mother was an underage, illiterates or school dropouts. How on earth will an illiterate think of funding a child’s Education. Well, if it were one child only, maybe, but 3 or more without a stable job? No I don’t see that happen.
Well, from this brief life experience you’ll agree with me that teenage pregnancy is the worst thing that could happen to anyone anywhere.
What is teenage pregnancy? Someone would ask. This is a pregnancy under the age of 19 years, they are usually not planned for and could be as a result of; Early forced marriages, having unprotected sex, also rape and defilement. This could lead to victims dropping out of school, forced marriages and since usually the victims are not ready, failed marriages and abortions result and death would just be in the vicinity incase one attempts to abort. All this can be avoided if you stayed in school, delayed sex or if you’re sexually active used contraceptives like condoms.
In case of teenage pregnancy, talk to your parent, visit the nearest health facility, avoid use of alcohol and smoking, also talk to your parents to support you go back to school.
Teenage pregnancies are usually as a result of parent neglect, poverty back at home, lack of sexual knowledge by the victims triggering the urge to try out new things, this is highly due to parents having children they are not ready to have at the right time (family planning). Family planning is relevant in that the mother is able to attend to every baby without worrying about another pregnancy and have a manageable family.

Their different methods of family planning, Condoms, Pills, implants, just visit a heath facility near you and get to know more about what plan best suits you.
I’m not saying you go and have sex but if you do at least protect it because sexually transmitted diseases are real and are painful and costly to treat, my friend and elder sister Becky (not real name) had gonorrhea and from her experience I learnt mine, she sought treatment at a health centre nearby and was able to overcome it. My advice, use condoms, test with your partner before sex, delay sex and do routine checkups.
#EndTeenPregnancy #Twefuge



  1. Some nice article here, do we need the Gov’t efforts in fighting Teenage Pregnancy? I think so… But how? Most parents gave birth in their teen years, bse they were illiterate, their children are doing the same, am scared here.! A fool leading a fool they both drown.


  2. Hey, great piece right here.
    Is gov’t supposed to help us? Yes… But how ? Teen pregnancy is a product of illiteracy but literacy levels in uganda have been increased, then what? I find it like an inheritance thing. What do you expect the son/daughter to do if she is a product of teen preg, of course produce also in her ealy days like Mom. So i think we the people should correct this, i ask myself how?


    1. Nice question their Drei, well i think that can only be made possible if we the literates come out with such sensitization campaigns like mine here, if someone can know the devil is a lier when illiterate, well, then this can also be achieved.

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