Growing Up Around Determined People.

I believe by now you’ve heard the saying “Life is too short to be always serious”, well, I had always been a joke in whatever I laid my hands on, but looking at the determination my shadows and neighbors had, when you see Jeff serious you’d think partying is not he’s thing not to mention Paul in a dance class, it definitely impacted my determination as a person and pushed me towards realizing myself, what I could accomplish and found myself loosing out on the joking side of me, I believe, if not at least for now!
I appreciate today that in my community people know I’m a writer, what I write? I guess they still confuse that, mind you I’m a training medical student soon to start bringing dead people back to life judging from my seriousness and urge to discover something new every other day
I’ve seen and I’m still witnessing conscience triggering acts from the people I hung around, case in point I saw a photo by Charles Numberc Waniala on my wall today.

The Next Amito From Namatala

What’s so special about this photo? Alot!
This girl is from a Slum, Namatala in Mbale, a place the new vision deemed forgotten in an article they published a few days back. This photo tells me alot that most of you might not be able to understand but what matters? Is I understood and picked up a message, for purposes of neutrality and you who spared your time to read this, one of the messages is, this girl in her dress that looked like a rug was able to look nice and professional when changed to B&W.


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