“Holy” IUIU rewarded by top night club

Y’all probably know the saying, “Never judge a book by its cover”- this story emulates exactly what the person who coined this “saying” was thinking!

If you thought IUIU students are the most holy, i urge you to re-adjust your minds because now that’s what I’d call “a myth” because what your about to read will Suprise you all with such a mindset.


Just because IUIU students never stage strikes, respect the opposite sex, never win trophies at competitions and so much more good things you’d credit the institution for doesn’t mean they don’t hold a life outside campus and trust me when I say that these fellas according to what I’ve witnessed are more of party animals than any other University I’ve known, you know what they say about “the night and Vampires”?. Well i had to attend club last night just to be sure of what I’d only been hearing from the corridors, to my suprise just before I entered guess what welcomed me…..?? the MC shouts “IUIU” and a mammoth crowd shouts back ” woooooooooo……” from that moment on I started taking my notes as I hurriedly paid to join my comrades at the dance floor frontier – I should also confess to you that I felt sweet for a moment mistakenly thinking me and my team were noticed when the MC shouted “IUIU” only to be tipped off that it was the routine in the place that IUIU is recognized since they are always in attendance said an equally amazed bouncer at the entrance.



For being loyal and usual suspects at club El Tanjia(Currently the top night spot around Mbale town), the club management has decided to reward them with a whole night dubbed “Sharia Night” confirmed by one of the clubs proprietors Jeff, he said “every lady who presents in a hijab has free access and gents in Kanzu’s too freely access the premises On Friday 1st, April, 2015”

Until next time, I remain yours Edoku



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