IUIU-Nursing Students denied the right to vote

Just Last week here at my University (Islamic University In Uganda) we held the Guild Elections;
I’ll start by congratulating Nandala “Macko” for emerging winner.
“The race was very tight that only after the final announcement at around 17:00GMT were we able to know who the oncoming guild president was” – Hood Kagoda a student at IUIU was quoted.. Unfortunately the elections zeroed to Racism, hate, tribalism and Critics.
we all Understand it’s a human right to vote but unfortunately the Nursing students were denied to vote…
Reason; they didn’t possess university IDs, which IDs were taken away from them by the University administration for renewal…
Scenario: instead of the police helping with solving the problem they instead seconded the one man jurisdiction and threatened to beat and lock up whichever student they found not in agreement with this “No ID No Voting Idea”
It’s also alleged that the University Coordinator who also doubled as one of the Election Signatory was paid an un-disclosed amount of money by one of the Contestants who is said to have noticed all the nurses were on his Opponents side and therefore saw it to his advantage if the Nursing Students don’t vote.

We honestly need change in IUIU-mbale campus.. Will you be the change we want??



4 thoughts on “IUIU-Nursing Students denied the right to vote

      1. I think it is if not substantiated if it is proved then offence ceases to be an issue, it was unfortunate the nursing students did not exercise their right. I remember how at UCU elections would take place when the entire faculty of business is in holidays, upon raising concern, there were changes and now elections unlike in any other university happen in September though still some intakes are in hols at that time. So due diligence should always be exercised to ensure no one’s right is trumped on.


  1. Okay..
    thank you for taking time to read through my ideology!
    Hope you also attend our next AYLF meeting on 2nd March 2015.. Would gladly take some writing advice from you


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